Metal Manix® – a lasting chrome effect for your nails

Chrome effect on nails is a novelty that can transform any design. This effect is lasting and can be worn until your next visit to the nail salon.

You apply Metal Manix® the same way you apply Mermaid Effect®. We recommend putting Metal Manix® on Sugar Effect or Paint Gel.  
This mirror design will satisfy demands of women and stylists in the entire world.

How do you apply Metal Manix®? 

  • Dust the dispersive layer of Sugar Effect Gel or Paint Gel with Metal Manix® powder. 
  • Rub it with circular motions. 
  • Dust off any excessive powder with a soft brush. 
  • Firstly apply a thin coat of high gloss gel – we recommend Indigo Wet Look. To maximise the design apply a second coat. 
  • Remove dispersive coat with Cleaner Supreme Shine Effect.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly to remove any dust particles from cuticle area.