Meet the new Back to Black collection!

Do you like the black colour? We believe it's incredibly mysterious and, at the same time, very elegant. Did you know that in China, it symbolizes happiness, and in ancient Egypt, it was considered the colour of life?

If you wish to impress with an elegant and original look, bet on black. In combination with a shiny, colourful particle, you'll create unique designs just in time for the upcoming New Year's Eve and carnival!

Meet the new collection of Back to Black gel polishes and shine like a real star!

W nowej kolekcji znajdziesz 3 czarne glittery z błyszczącą drobiną. Lakiery posiadają kremową konsystencję, dzięki której The new collection presents 3 black glitters with shiny particles, which have a creamy consistency that will help you avoid streaks and flooded cuticles. They are also easy to apply, allowing easily create a perfect gel polish manicure! All glitters have a beautiful shade of black, but they differ in the particles.


Black Humour

A multicoloured particle that shimmers beautifully in the light in combination with black? Here you go! The Black Humour will help you create unique and elegant glamour style manicures that your customers will surely appreciate. It will work every day and every time, not only at a wild carnival party.


Black Friday

A black shade with a shimmering red-pink particle? There couldn't be a better combination! Bet on it in your look, and you will indeed become the queen of every party!


Black Unicorn

Would you like to add a bit of magic and uniqueness to your nails? A fabulously shimmering pink-blue particle will be perfect here. See what fantastic effect you can achieve and give yourself a little joy and madness every day.


Back to Black air freshener

If you like gadgets, you will surely be delighted with the new Indigo air freshener in an unusual, elegant shape of gel polish from the Back to Black collection. You can use it wherever you want: hang it in the car or put it in the wardrobe with your clothes. Or maybe you will have it in your bag, always with you, so that its sweet candy-floral fragrance of Pop Sugar will make your day even more pleasant? You decide!

The Back to Black collection is now available

Masz już swojego fDo you already have your favourite among the new glitters? Black Humour, Black Friday or Black Unicorn? We know it's not an easy choice, so make all of them your fave and they will become a firecracker of New Year's and carnival designs of your customer's nails!