Love affair of the year: Holo Manix and Glass collection – check out the effects!

We know that you’re still insatiable and you love to be surprised, and we – well – are constantly doing everything to please you. Today we want to show you the rainbow madness – a combination of the Glass collection with the Holo Manix effect! See for yourself how many opportunities such duos offer!

Metallic materials and hologram effects are inseparably associated with 90’s fashion, which has returned! They are on top again, so a manicure with the Holo effect is now one of the hottest trends!

With Indigo you can use the hologram effect not only in your design with its sparkling materials and accessories, but also in manicure. You’ll find as many as 15 shades of Holo powders in our offer, which shimmer with all colours of the rainbow.

If you know the Holo collection through and through and you think that you can no longer be surprised, then unfortunately we have to put you right. Today we’ll show you how easy and amazing it is to change the appearance of your Holo nails and give them a completely new look! How? 

For this purpose use transparent nail polishes from the GLASS collection! Covering a Holo Manix design with your chosen colour will give your manicure a whole new dimension! A three-dimensional effect immersed in coloured glass? Yes, it’s possible. 

So far you could play with the metamorphoses of your holographic nails using different shades of nail polishes as a base; now you can transform them in a completely new way. 

“How come?! Cover Holo with a nail polish?!” – Yes, but not an ordinary nail polish! The Glass line is a set of transparent colours available in 10 variants! Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they create the illusion of glass on the nails. Once applied with the Holo effect, they act as a prism.  You can find out what your Holo will look like filtered through the surface of water with H20 nail polish, the shade of exuberant Kermit green or crazy Eureka fuchsia.

Have fun and discover the full potential of Indigo’s offer – create a holographic shield with a hint of extravagance on your nails. See our gallery of inspirations!