IRON - a new, bold collection filled with brilliance! And a surprise :)

Imagine a palette full of intense, saturated colours that will lighten up the Autumn-winter atmosphere and boost your energy! Now, add to them a stunning shimmer. is ready for you- check out IRON!

Indigo surprises everyone with brand new products this month. If someone thought that autumn is going to be a hibernation time for us - then we are sorry to disappoint! We have no intention of slowing down!
After the spectacular success of Sex In The City and New York collections, we've decided to serve you a dessert - check out IRON! This palette consists of colours that are highly pigmented and very saturated. We've enriched them with a shimmer creating a very bold and interesting collection. It will be a wonderful finishing touch to an outfit of any confident and bold woman.

Iron is a nod to a woman’s strength and adamance.  You'll create the most spectacular manicures! Leave an impression no matter the circumstances. 

God is a Woman - the strength of calmness that comes from muted burgundy with a touch of shimmering particles, which add just the right amount of boldness and character. The colour equivalent of patience and adamance.

Iron Collection

Electric Blue - is a bold incarnation of blue that shines as brightly as you and leaves little doubt. Whether you are in a skirt, trousers, high heels or sneakers or...even in crocks - you are still seductive and impressive. Always.

Iron Collection

Superhero - being a superhero doesn't require superpowers or achievements. Ha! Sometimes surviving until evening is all it takes!

Iron Collection

Domina - Trends? You are the one that sets them. And you know that: this season is the season of purple, this is a season of Domina.

Iron Collection

Don't call Me Ariel - The tales of princesses who wait patiently to be rescued by the lovely prince - did you also find them annoying? Great. Because Don't call me Ariel is definitely not for innocent sea damsels.

Iron Collection

and... Lady Joker! A colour surprise, which completes the Iron collection. Our ace in the hole which will amaze you when the emotions after the premiere of the IRON collection will finally settle down.

Iron Collection