Indigo inspiration: Gingerbread frenzy!

You probably remembered to get gifts for your loved ones as well as prepare your favourite Christmas dishes and decorations, but in the hustle and bustle of it all haven’t you forgotten... about yourself? With another portion of inspiration from Indigo, you’ll delight others more than the first star!

We know perfectly well that appearances aren’t the most important thing during Christmas. But don’t you think that a meticulous look – a beautiful makeup and manicure – gives you extra self-confidence? With our inspirations you can refine your look to perfection and... enjoy Christmas to the fullest.

Take care of your comfort and delight together with Indigo! Today we have an idea for a Christmas look with... gingerbread in the lead role! For who said that we must always be serious? After all, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to relax!

Glazed gingerbread, one of the sweetest Christmas flavours, has been the source of inspiration in creating our Christmas look. This exceptional delicacy is in the foreground of our Christmas manicure. The makeup is also done in the same biscuit tones. Watch our tutorial and let us know if it wins your heart as well!

Indigo products used in the gingerbread manicure:

and gels from:

Nail design: Klaudia Kawińska; makeup: Katarzyna Wojtczak