In black and white - Mr Black & Mr White in a new version

Perfect texture and excellent coverage. Speaking of which, Mr Black & Mr White surprise with a new, improved formula. Check yourself!

Black and white - classic shades without which it's hard to imagine the nail stylists' day-to-day job. The most obvious and demanding at the same time. To be able to fulfil their task properly, they must delight with excellent texture, coverage and pigmentation, just like Mr Black and Mr White in a new, refreshed version.

Listening to your comments, we have created a new edition of our basic black and white. Mr Black and Mr White, thanks to a carefully refined formula, provide perfect coverage and work fantastic as a base for shiny nail powder dust. Hassle-free application of white and black that is blacker than ever - now it's possible!

Mr Black - black gel polish in a new, improved formula. Perfect consistency, intense pigmentation and excellent coverage - what more could you want?

Mr. Black

Mr White - a white gel polish with excellent coverage and improved adhesion, ideal for nail powder dust application.

Mr. White