How to create a french manicure? [VLOG]

A french manicure is a timeless classic, which will never go out of fashion and suits any occasion.

It can be created with any technique, depending on the client's demands, but one of the most popular and long-lasting methods is a gel manicure.

In Indigo's diverse offer we can find many products which are perfect for a gel manicure. One of the most popular is Easy Shape Cover. This unique product is a cover and builder in one. It has a universal skin-like tone and is highly pigmented. There is no need for a separate camouflage or builder when using this product which makes work faster. It has a consistency of a fluffy pudding, which doesn't run and allows for application on all 5 nails at once.

Our instructor - MagdalenaŻuk - will show you step by step how to make a perfect french manicure with Easy Shape Cover and X-white: