How to care for dry hands?

Everyone has to take care of their hands. They form part of our image - something that is assessed when building your first impression. For your comfort, we have prepared a short guide on how to care for your skin.

What is dry skin?

It starts with a feeling of discomfort. Our skin becomes tense. We feel that our hands are rough and unpleasant to the touch. The problem of dry skin, because we are talking about it here, mainly affects people who expose their hands to adverse weather conditions, often use disinfectants or work manually, mechanically damaging the epidermis. There can be many more reasons for dry skin.

In addition to the discomfort associated with the feeling of dryness - the skin, especially in sensitive places such as joints, just breaks. Wounds can form and become sore. This condition of dry skin can be eliminated by proper care. In addition to weather conditions or the nature of work, genetics are often associated with dry skin. Everyone has a specific skin type - oily, combination, normal, sensitive, dry etc. Choosing the right products should always be dictated by what works best for our body. In skincare, it is worth trying tested cosmetics from the Indigo Home Spa range, especially when, in addition to caring for the condition of your hands, you also care about a beautiful fragrance.

A way to dry skin?

When caring for dry skin, it is worth betting on hand creams forming on the surface of the so-called film that prevents the direct influence of adverse factors. For very dry hands, we recommend a massage using shea butter from the Indigo Home Spa range. After such a procedure, the skin will not only look good but will also smell phenomenal. If you're looking for a hand care cosmetic that you can use every day, we recommend Indigo hand creams. Enjoy the unique aromas enclosed in such fragrances as Seventh Heaven, Bloom Gold or Drama Queen. The advantage of Indigo Home Spa hand creams is also their large volume. The bottle contains 300 ml of the product - so you can enjoy it for longer.

Enjoy beautiful hand skin thanks to the luxurious Indigo Home SPA care. After all, well-groomed hands are every woman's dream!