How to achieve a mirror effect on your nails?

Metal Maix® Multi Chrome is a very fine powder in a colour of warm silver. It is a very efficient product. Some of our clients claim it will last you a lifetime:).  
We'll show you three ways to achieve that perfect mirror surface: 
Using Arte Brillante Gels 
Applying Multi Chrome on our highly pigmented Arte Brillante Gels will get you the most spectacular mirror effect. Arte Brillante gels don't have a dispersion layer that's why after curing Metal Manix® rubs on perfectly with an applicator.  
Application on Gel Brush 
Maybe you're a fan of gel colours in a brush? No problem! Put a coat of Dry Top or Shine on top coat on cured gel. After it hardens, rub Multi Chrome and secure it with a double layer of shining top coat Dry top or Wet Look
Application on hybrid nails 
Our novelty powder can also be applied on gel polish. Just keep in mind to use top coat without dispersive layer like Dry Top. It needs to be applied carefully and precisely, especially around the cuticle area.  
After curing it we apply Metal Manix® Multi Chrome. If you'd like a multi-tone look all it takes is just a little bit of powder on an applicator.

Mirror effect – step by step

Many of you dream of a shiny surface on your nails, i.e. the effect of a mirror. That’s why we’ve decided to compile a step-by-step guide, so that you can easily do it yourself.

Think about what shade you want to achieve – traditional silver, elegant gold or, for example, or an extravagant shade of violet? The choice is yours! Read our guide and delight in the mirror effect on your nails!

  1. Prepare the nail: make sure that it’s already processed, covered with a base and hybrid nail polish in the colour of your choice.
  2. Cover the design with a top without dispersion, e.g. Tip Top Top Coat, and cure in a LED lamp for 30–60 seconds.
  3. Use the applicator to apply and rub Glammer Silver or Glammer Gold into the nails.
  4. Remove any excess from the nail with a soft brush.
  5. Cover the design with a selected top, e.g. Tip Top, and cure in the LED lamp for 30–60 seconds.