Golden, silver and glitter nails - the best carnival manicure

Gold nails sparkling with thousands of shimmering particles or a natural mani with a delicate silver shimmer? Whatever glitter you choose, you can be sure that your mani will let you shine at any carnival party - and not only!

Golden gel polish nails - your best carnival jewellery

Gold jewellery is a timeless addition. Any party look can turn into a sophisticated creation. The carnival - time when all's fair - nails glistening with a cascade of gold, glitter can replace jewellery trinkets. How to make your mani shine with the full golden glow? With Indigo products, there's plenty of possibilities!

Glitter manicure - the effect of sparkling nails at hand

The stunning effect of golden nails with just one layer of the product? Yes, it's possible with with the golden shades of the Glitter collection. Excellently pigmented and filled to the brim with shimmering particles, our Glitters will help you get your dream golden manicure in minutes. Among the full range of gold glitters, each of you will undoubtedly find something for yourselves. Our glitter nail polishes delight with a richness of shades and a variety of particles that you can match to the colour of your complexion, party outfit or simply - your tastes. Classic Glitteriusz, amber Midas, champagne No Money No Honey, or maybe our latest star - Amber Gold? Will any steal your heart?

When looking for brocade inspirations, don't forget about the Say Yes shade from the Indigo Wedding collection. When it comes to nails with gold, we say "Yes" to glitter.

Glitter nail art in gold and silver shades - the most beautiful nail designs for the carnival

Do you dream of golden nail designs, convex patterns or shimmering silver ornaments? Reach for the glitter Indigo's Mousse Gels. If you want to create extravagant, shiny nail art, start with building up the nail. On acrylic, gel or a double layer of Protein Base nails, you can go crazy. Let your imagination run wild and conjure up sparkling gold ornaments in sparkling Prosecco or silvery designs in Silverado shade. Mousse gel Indigo has a thick mousse consistency, is easy to apply and very well pigmented - so you can perfect the styling, and you do not have to use any top.

Want more? You can get a similar effect with Silver Shine On Bling Bling. Extremely shiny, silvery gel dedicated to nail art. Apply like Prosecco and Silverado.

Mermaids, pixels, holo - the trendiest nail glitter

Among all Indigo glittery products, lovers of delicate gloss or even natural look stylings will find something for themselves. The extensive Glitter collection does not lack shades that delight with a shimmering glow. The intriguing dark purple Lady Makbet or Classy Sassy - filled with fine particles - are proposals that will surely appeal to even the greatest lovers of the classics.

Do you belong to the 'nudes' team and love natural looking styles? We guarantee that you will also fall to glitter madness and dream about silver nails. Especially since you only need 45 minutes to prepare a complete set! How is this possible? Our iconic Mineral Base - 3in1 cover base - also available in a Bling Bling version. Reaching for a Mineralka shade of Delikates, you can get the effect of natural, light pink nails brushed with delicate, silver dust. You look good in gold? Choose the Wake Up No Make Up base and enjoy the natural style illuminated by the glow of gold.

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