Get familiar with your paintbrushes!

Brushes are one of the most important Stylist's tools. We recommend familiarizing yourselves with the following tips on how to correctly care for your brushes to make them last longer. Their lifespan depends greatly on how you look after them.

When you buy a new brush, its bristles are glued together in order to arrange them perfectly, as well as, to protect it during transportation. Once you get a new brush, gently remove the glue with circular moves (using, for example, a cotton pad moistened in Brush Cleaner). Next, gently soak the brushes (for gel or ornaments) in gel or lustring hybrid (best when using: Wet Look, Removable Top, Top Cristal, Removable Top Pro White). Soak acrylic brushes in liquid.

How to clean acrylic brushes?

Do not clean the brushes with 'Cleaner' - it contains isopropyl alcohol and acetone which have a negative influence on the bristles - it destroys, dries, and shatters the bristles

- Remember to always clean brushes after use. Not doing so will leave excess acrylic that hardens and makes it impossible to remove once dried

- In order to clean your brush, soak it in the Liquid (Nail Liquid, Pro-Nomer NNA Formula, Take Your Time Monomer) each time drying it in dust-free cotton pads or a foiled base. Repeat this procedure several times until you are satisfied there is no dirt or excess acrylic in the bristles.

- In case you forget to use the following instructions and your bristles get glued together, the only way to clean them is by using Brush Cleaner.

  1. Pour about 5-10 ml of Brush Cleaner into a glass bowl. Soak your brush in the fluid until all the acrylic is removed from the bristles.
  2. After your brush is cleaned, soak it again in the Liquid. Remove excess Liquid by wiping it off using a dry cotton pad. Next, shape it perfectly.  It is crucial to remember to put your brushes in the Liquid as it keeps the bristles in perfect shape and makes them softer and more elastic.

Please note that using Brush Cleaner is a last resort.  Use it only if the acrylic has dried and hardened on your bristles and there is no other way to remove it. Brush Cleaner contains acetone which destroys the bristles when used too often.

Always remember to care for your brush's bristles by shaping them nicely and putting away gently. Only then your brushes will be reusable and remain in a great shape.

How to clean your gel brushes and ornament brushes?

Do not clean the brushes with 'Cleaner' - it contains isopropyl alcohol and acetone which have a negative influence on bristle- it destroys, dries, and shatters the bristle

- It is best to clean the brushes using gels or polishing hybrids such as: Wet Look, Removable Top Coat, Top Crystal, Pro White, and even hybrid base: Removable Base. After you are done with styling the nail, apply a drop of gel onto a clean surface and gently soak your brush in it, each time wiping the brush using a dust-free pad. Repeat this procedure until your bristles are clean in between. After cleaning it, gently shape the bristles and put away your brush.

Follow the steps shown below to clean your ornament brushes:

  1. Soak dirty brushes in gel or polishing hybrid (all sides of it)
  2. Dry it gently and accurately using dust-free pads or foiled base
  3. Repeat the whole process.
  4. Again, wipe your brush into the pad

What are we not supposed to do?

- Remember, that cuticle oil is not meant to be used for treating your bristles. A lot of stylists make this mistake and use it for cleaning their brushes. However, the oil gets absorbed by the bristles which will not be able to absorb the pigment and spreading the colour will be problematic as the oil smears on the nail.

- Do not press the bristle against the bottom of the container. It will destroy and curve irreversibly. Never leave your brushes upside down.

Smart Solution

Some of the brushes have no covers.  Some come with a transparent lid but it's easy to lose them. If you lose your cover, the easiest way is to cut a straw and use it as a cover. Depending on your need, you can use different straw widths and lengths. Voila! A new lid is ready to be used :)

It is important to remember to care for your brushes properly. They are one of the most important tools used by stylists and all the little details depend on them. Take care of them starting today. Don't ever leave them alone and don't let them go bad. They are responsible for the smallest details of your decorations