Gel polish nail art design inspiration performed with nail dust powder

Searching for inspiration is one of the elements inscribed in the profession of a nail stylist. For your convenience, we've collected some EFFECTive ideas from Indigo Designers. Here is a guide to the most fashionable nail art designs, presenting a new face with the use of nail dust powder.

Unconventional French

In gel polish nail art, reverse French manicure has been in fashion for several seasons. Well-known half-moons with a contrasting colour look just as good at the free edge of the nail as with the cuticles themselves. Uniquely now pastel shades should be embellished with colourful nail dust powder, creating an unconventional reversed French. Remember that in this season it should be fresh, delicate and with a hint of extravagance!

Efekt Syrenki | Kissmeralda Gel Polish

Metalized ombre

In spring, apart from French, you can also recommend to your customers the forever fancy ombre. This time in a metallic edition. Such bold styles will be perfect for "special occasions" when the WOW effect is what counts. We guarantee that this styling will get noticed! Metallic glow emerging from the colour can be achieved by playing with nail dust powder, e.g. the Holo Effect. In addition to the typical mirror-like surface, it is also worth checking on the metallic option. In one of the pictures below, you can see an inspiration based on breaking the monochromatic styling, where metallic nail dust powder has been rubbed into two nails.

Easy Shape Light Rose | Efekt Holo | Tip Top Top Coat

Metal Manix® Chameleon Alien | Tip Top Top Coat | Energizer Gel Polish

Glass nail art designs

If your customers are lovers of original nail art designs, you can't miss stylings created with transparent gel polishes. We are talking here about the colours from the Glass and Glass Summer collections, which in mirage with nail dust powders create real works of art. It's something for romantics who always like to see a rainbow. Along with nail dust powders, finely cut foil was also used, which created the effect of confetti. For more inspirations of nail art on transparent gel polishes go to our YouTube channel.

Builder Clear | Snowflakes 2 Violet Sparkle - Folia Cięta | Efekt Holo | Tip Top Top Coat | Eureka! Gel Polish

While creating the next stylings, be sure to try our nail art ideas created with nail dust powders. They are full of ​​possibilities! Nail art designs full of inspiration directly from Indigo Designers can be found on our social profiles: Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.