Gel nails in nude

One of most popular colours this season is nude. It's an option for women who like subtle designs. Flesh tones are still as popular among clients and they are a must-have in the drawer of every beautician. Nude designs are both natural and elegant. All it takes are a few Swarovski crystals to glam up a delicate design. Shades of beige go very well with black and gold – such compositions are a very elegant option for special occasions.

Nude hybrid nails have been a great success for many seasons – no wonder! The multitude of nude designs delights and their universal character makes them suitable for almost any occasion. Nude also has a practical application – a nail design in this colour minimises the visibility of outgrowths! So your manicure looks “like new” for longer.

If you’re looking for a design that’s durable, elegant and versatile, hybrid nails in a nude shade will surely meet all your expectations!
A combination of Metal Manix® chrome effect and delicate nude is a straight bull's-eye shot. That's a way to bring together elegance and extravagance. Styling in this colour doesn't have to be boring. Simple designs can also be paired up with boho style jewellery.

Are you a fan of hybrid nails in nude? The Indigo collection has over 170 colours of gel polishes and among them a variety of beige colours and flesh tones. Among Natalia's Siwiec favourites are:Chic nudeCaffe LatteFirst LadyEn Vouge and a Nude Beige that she wore on the 17th edition of Bal Dziennikarzy and Doskonałość Mody 2015 gala from Twój Styl. (source: