Everything you need to know about ornamentig brushes

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Every stylist who wants to develop their skills and create a diverse and unique designs will need a reliable, precise ornamenting brush which will make the work faster and easier. The important thing is choosing a brush in the right size and height for the ornamenting technique that is being used. To make the choice easier we will show you differences between brushes and show you their purpose.

Master Nail Art

The most popular nail art brushes on the marker from Indigo are Master Nail Art - they are also favourite brushes of many stylists. These very precise, thin brushes will perform great in techniques like micropainting, sugar effect, pop art or creating nail jewellery, The bristles are cut in a very precise way (accuracy of up to 0.1 mm), they don't split and lays soft against the nail so it's easy to paint swirls and more detailed ornaments. Master Nail Art brush comes in three types. Number 002 is the smallest and has synthetic bristles only 4 mm long. It is a perfect brush for painting thin, precise strips and creating details. Brushes with number 003 and 004 have the same length - 6mm but are made of different material. Number 003 is made out of natural bristles and 004 out of synthetic. They are both great for painting tiny details, words or ornaments. They have a nice case with a cap which protects bristles from damage.

One Stoke

The other handy tools for ornamenting are One Stroke brushes, made for painting ornaments with one stroke. Inspiration for this technique came from painting on a canvas and it involves painting flowers, butterflies and leaves with a single brush stroke. It's a similar technique to Zhostovo. Bristles on One Stroke brushes lay flat but can come in different lengths and be cut at different angles. One stroke brush comes in three variations. Each one has synthetic bristles cut in a very precise way that allows even spread of acrylic paint and create a smooth shading. One Strone I Brush has a short (5mm), straight, synthetic bristles. One Stroke II and III have 5 mm(One Strone II) and 6 mm (One Stroke III) bristles cut on an angle that is 4mm wide. Thanks to ergonomic handle the brushes lay in a hand in a very comfortable way and do not slip out of hand even after hours of work.


If we want to create ornaments using watercolour paint it is recommended to have special brushes for this method. The tip is rounder and has longer bristles that cooperate with watercolour consistency and allows painting intricate designs. Indigo Aquarelle Master Paint is a hit among watercolour lovers. Thanks to uniqe plaicng of 15mm long bristles the brush is a very versitale when it comes to ornamenting. Indigo Aquarelle Sting Brush has a shorter bristles (7mm) and is great for details. It is also perfect brush for details.

Dotter tool

Finally, it is also worth mentioning about one of a universal tool that is a dotter tool. It picks up the product and can create a number of ornaments. Moreover, works great as took for picking Swarovski crystals, rhinestones and studs. It's a must have for every stylist.