E-file BITS. Which for what and what to choose?

An e-file is like salvation - every nail tech who has ever removed gel polish using a standard file knows it. Time-saving, convenience and versatility are just a few of its advantages. However, it's worth paying attention to the bits, which are the essential part of the tool - they determine the comfort and effectiveness of work.

Nail bits - which ones for what?

At first glance, you could say that a bit is a bit, and the differences between them are minimal and insignificant. Nothing could be more wrong! In e-file bits, each of their characteristics is important: the material they made of, shape or coating.

We can select a few types of bits, depending on their purpose:

• For the cuticles

• For product removal

• For the natural nail plate and sculpted nail

Cuticle Bits - how to choose the best one?

Cuticles are a non-obvious issue. They require proper treatment. An unskillful approach may result in harm - starting with a minor injury, ending with permanent nail damage. It is best to take appropriate training to avoid the unpleasantness and work with an e-file without stress and risk.

Indigo offers various bits of shapes. They're made of different materials and also differ in gradation (coating density). Get to know them all and choose the best for you!

Diamond bits for cuticles

Diamond coating is effective and efficient, which is why it's very popular among nail techs. Which diamond-coated bit can be found in Indigo Nails offer?

  1. Cuticle 1 - flame-shaped, which will be perfect for performing a combined manicure. It will easily remove dead and callous skin.
  2. Cuticle 2 - an extremely precise cone-shaped, for the cuticles and nail fold prep. It will remove even the smallest splinter.
  3. Cuticle 3 - a small and very precise, removes cuticles even in hard-to-reach areas.
  4. Cuticle 4 - created for precise cuticle prep and dead skin removal. It allows achieving a perfect line at the nail fold—ideal for precise removal of dry cuticles in a combined manicure.
  5. Cuticle 5 - match-shaped. Ideally suited when working with dry cuticles and cleaning the nail folds. Its delicate grid makes it suitable for beginner nail techs.
  6. Cuticle 7 - ball-shaped, used for prepping, smoothing and removing cuticles during manicure and pedicure treatment.
  7. Cuticle 8 - used for prepping, smoothing and removing cuticles during manicure and pedicure. Its delicate grid makes it suitable for beginner nail techs.
  8. Cuticle 9 - trapezoidal bit, designed to remove dead skin from the nail plate and push cuticles.
  9. Cuticle 14 - ball-shaped, its large size, makes it perfect for removing dry, protruding cuticles and smoothing the nail fold. Especially useful when performing an e-file manicure.
  10. Cuticle 15 - narrow flame bit,  convenient to use and easy to clean. It's useful when removing cuticles in hard-to-reach areas.

Carbide Bits for cuticles

Carbide is a hard material whose sharpness resembles the cutting properties of a diamond. What types of bits made of this material can you find in our offer?

  1. Cuticle 6 - the smallest ball-shaped bit in the Indigo offer is extremely precise. It will work very well when performing a combined manicure.
  2. Cuticle 11 - precise flame bit, which you can quickly get rid of the dead and callous skin.  Must-have for a combined manicure.

Ceramics? Yes, please!

The last cuticle bit in our offer is the Indigo Ceramic 1. This match-shaped bit is designed to remove cuticles at the nail fold. It will also work well when performing a combined manicure. Thanks to the use of ceramics, the bit does not heat up and is extremely durable.

Product Removal Bits

Removing the product requires proper sharpness and strength from the bits - this is what the professional Indigo nail bits, made of the already mentioned carbide, offer. They have the right shape so that working with them is safe and comfortable, and at the same time fast and convenient. These bits are:

  • Carbide 1 - a delicate bit dedicated to gel polish removal from natural nails. The ergonomic shape of the rounded cylinder makes it easy and safe to work with - it's the perfect bit for learning how to work with an e-file.
  • Carbide 2 - a medium sharp bit in the shape of a rounded cylinder. It's dedicated to removing gel polish, gel and acrylic gel from the nail surface.
  • Carbide 3 - sharp bit in the shape of a rounded cylinder, designed to quickly remove built-up gel polish, gel, aryl or acrylic gel. Must-have of any professional nail salon.
  • Carbide 4 - a universal, medium-sharp cone-shaped bit for the built-up gel polish, gel and acryl-gel removal from the nail surface.
  • Carbide 5 - a strong and reliable bit in the shape of a rounded cone, perfect for cleaning the free edge's underside and removing the product during infills.
  • Carbide 6 multicolour - is a strong and precise bit in the shape of a small rounded cone, perfect for cleaning the underside of the free edge and preparing gel polish, gel and acrylic at the cuticle

Carbide Bits with Infinity Life coating intended for product removal

Are you wondering which bits are the strongest and most durable? Here's the answer: Indigo carbide bits with Infinity Life coating making them a non-dull bits. It's enough to properly take care of them and sterilize them properly to make them serve you for many years! Which carbide bits with Infinity Life coating are available in our offer?

  • Style 1 - one of the strongest bits Indigo offers. Thanks to the Infinity Life coating, it's incredibly sharp and durable. Removing the product, even acrylic, takes seconds literally. It's a must-have in every professional nail salon!
  • Style 2 - the cone-shaped bit is one of the most robust and most durable bits in the Indigo range. Suitable for both dry and wet work.
  • Style 2 for Left-Handers - the twin brother of Style 2, only intended for those who work with the left hand.

Bits intended for natural nail plate and sculpted nail

Prepping the nail plate is a crucial stage of the nail styling. Thanks to Diamond cutters, preparing a natural plate and levelling and smoothing the surface of extended nails will become easier and faster. Indigo offers four bits of this type. Each of them is made of diamond coating and has the shape of a cylinder. You can use them for dry and wet work. Additionally, the Diamond 4 bit has rounded edges, which makes it incredibly gentle on the cuticles.

Working with e-file bits has never been so enjoyable!

Making the nail plate's prep even easier and more comfortable is worth using Indigo Easy File Oil. Apply a drop or two to the nail before you start milling. You can forget about the floating dust. It's a comfortable solution that will help keep your salon clean.