November NEW INS - cupcake brushes and new packaging and weights of body scrubs

Long autumn evenings are coming. The sun goes down quicker, the golden Polish autumn is ending, and the November weather is knocking on the doors. How do you make this time more enjoyable? Maybe it's worth introducing some colours and sweets that you can use daily? Or perhaps you will spend this time taking care of your body and skin? Your skin will thank you for it if you take care of it in a professional way. When will there be a better time for this than now?

Why do I need a nail dust brush?

A nail dust brush is a must-have for every nail tech. Are you wondering why? During work, even the smallest and invisible dirt can spoil the best effect. That's why it's worth taking care of the proper dust removal of the nail before the manicure or pedicure treatment and making a foundation for the next steps.

What properties do good dust brushes have? They can cope with:

● nail dust generated during nail filing,

● dust after removing the old gel polish and working on the nail fold,

● remove excess nail effects.

These are our freshly baked Cupcake Brushes!

Cupcake Brush - cupcake shaped dust brushes

Who says cosmetic accessories have to be boring and have standard shapes? Treat yourself to a bit of sweetness every day in the form of cupcake dust brushes! This remarkable shape will attract customers' eyes and make every nail treatment more pleasant.

The brushes are available in three colours: pink, blue and mint. The comfortable silicone Cupcake Brush handle makes it easy to use, and thanks to the detachable soft brush, you can freely mix the colours and create your dreamy compositions.

Take care of your body with Sugar Scrub - Shea Sugar Body Scrub

Autumn at Indigo - sweetness overload and taking care of the body. Long autumn evenings are the perfect time to take care of your skin. If your skin is dry, with excessively exfoliating epidermis and is rough to the touch, then Shea Sugar Body Scrub may be the solution to these problems.

The body scrub removes dead epidermis and impurities, thus accelerating the regeneration process. Moisturizes, nourishes, firms, and smoothes the skin and facilitates the proper absorption of other skincare cosmetics, such as lotions. Used regularly in conjunction with massage, it will help fight cellulite.

Use Shea Sugar Body Scrub from the Indigo Home SPA line while taking a bath. Check it out in a new edition - we're introducing smaller jars with a capacity of 300 gm and a new design.

Thanks to its consistency, the scrub is easy to spread, and its beautiful fragrance will stay with you for a long time after use. Choose your favourite fragrance and see for yourself how smooth and moisturized your skin will be!


Shea Sugar Body Scrub Love Story – with a warm scent of coffee and vanilla with a spicy aroma of pink pepper that you will love from the first use!


Shea Sugar Body Scrub Drama Queen – with a sensual, feminine scent of sandalwood, musk, vanilla and lily of the valley with peach, raspberry and pear. Give yourself a little luxury!


Shea Sugar Body Scrub Arome 99 – A refreshing, energizing scent of orange, nectarine, mango, raspberry and sandalwood that will add some energy to your day!


Shea Sugar Body Scrub Seventh Heaven – sweet, floral and mysterious with a floral-chypre composition with a hint of mandarin, rose, and white flowers that will make you feel like in heaven!

We hope that the new cupcake brushes and beautifully scented sugar scrubs will cope with the gloomy autumn days, November will not be as scary as they paint it, and you'll enjoy your smooth, moisturized body and sweet products full of colour and fragrance!