Anytime for fun is good, and Indigo's 10th Birthday Celebration is an ideal fun occasion. Therefore, join our birthday competition and have fun!

What can you win?

  • Every day you can grab up 10 randomly selected coloured gel polishes, and this is just a warm-up...
  • Every day, we reward 10 Participants, thus giving away 100 gel polishes. Impossible? And yet!
  • Throughout the competition, you can grab as many as 100 gel polishes in total! Don't wait!
  • 1,000 coloured gel polishes in the prize pool! It's crazy!

Celebrate with us!

How can you join the game and fight for a supply of gel polishes that make your head spin? It's easy!

  • Guess the hashtag.

    Every day from 2nd Feb, for the next 10 days, we will publish a puzzle on our Instagram stories to guess the name of the gel polish from our offer. Then complete the hashtag # 10urodziindigo with the guessed name of the gel polish. For example, if a puzzle indicates that this is Miss Hooligan's colour, the full hashtag would be #10urodzinyindigomisshooligan. Simple? Of course, it is!

  • Find a birthday post.

    Now it's time for another task. In the search engine on Instagram, enter the guessed hashtag and find a post with a bottle of gel polish in a birthday scenery. Have you found it yet? You can go to the next step.

  • Complete the competition task.

    The last competition task that day will be included in the post you just have found. Do the task and publish on your Instagram profile by tagging our @indigonails profile. Your post must include hashtags #10urodzinyindigo and the one you guessed at the very beginning (example #10urodzinyindigomisshooligan). It's mandatory to enter the competition. Remember, what matters most is the idea and creativity, and you don't lack that, do you?

  • Enjoy your reward!

    The deadline for your post is 10 am the next day. The results of the competition will be published every day in our stories. Stay tuned and you will surely not miss a thing. Cooldown and join again. Every day for 10 days we will be publishing new puzzles and new competition tasks, so have fun every day and try to break the bank by winning up to 100 gel polishes!

T&Cs apply. For more details go HERE