Classic manicure in a new edition - fall in love with classic looks with Indigo products

Indigo protein nail polishes - classic manicure in your fave shades

The Protein Nail Polish collection includes 7 shades of our best-selling gel polishes. Both lovers of vivid shades of red and burgundy, as well as big fans of natural looks, will find something for themselves. Classic Hrabina, fiery Crazy In Love, or maybe dark cherry Smokin' Gun? Each will let you create a tempting, ultra-feminine mani that will surely introduce a little colour into your everyday life. And if you focus on freedom and naturalness or you don't know which colour to choose, choose classic nudes - Nie wiem and Chic Nude are shades that will work in any situation.

Two phenomenal shades have just joined the Protein Nail Polish palette. The milky-peach Prima Aprilis will delight every pastel lover and perfectly highlight your summer tan. For lovers of stronger sensations, we recommend a distinctive shade of neon-pastel raspberry. Energizer will give you positive energy, and it will certainly not go unnoticed.

Perfect pigmentation - enjoy the full-colour of classic Protein Nail Polishes

Have you already decided which of the shades will hit your nails? Thanks to the unique pigmentation of Protein Nail Polishes, you can enjoy your favourite colours even more! To get the best effect and extend the durability of classic looks, remember to use a proper nail polish base (eg Diamond Base) and a top coat (e.g. Gloss Top). You can also reach for the universal Base & Top 2in1 product.

Save time and highlight the effect of classic stylings with Dry Up Nail Polish Drops

Do you want to speed up the drying time of classic nail polishes and extend the durability of the look? Reach for Dry Up Nail Polish Drops - a new drier for classic nail polishes, whose unique formula additionally nourishes and moisturizes the skin around the nails. How does this work? Immediately after applying the classic nail polish or top coat, apply a drop of nail dryer to the nail surface, wait for it to melt over the surface and… it's ready. Note! Avoid touching the surface with the pipette and applying the product from a great height - it may damage a manicure.

Order today your favourite shades from the Protein Nail Polish collection and the new Dry Up Nail Polish Drops and discover the new quality of classic manicure.