Carnival nails – Indigo inspirations – gloss and contrasts!

Carnival is a special time for all manicure fans! The frenzy atmosphere and a multitude of spectacular events make it possible for us to do more in nail art as well. Today we will talk about the most fashionable carnival nails according to Indigo!

What manicure will reign supreme during the carnival of 2019? Elegant, courageous, full of gloss and bathed in gold! The following will be ideal for creating a spectacular carnival manicure:

- Decorations using foil:

- The effect of depth achieved using nail polishes from the Glass collection

- The effect of metallic gloss possible using nail polishes from the Iron collection

- Mixture of intense colours

Here are some texts that you may find helpful:

Be brave about contrasting colours, deep shades and bold decorations – be inspired by our gallery!