Beauty Forum Trade Fair! New in from Indigo

After an emotional weekend, it's time for ... another hot new arrivals from Indigo! Along with the end of the autumn edition of the Beauty Forum, several products have hit the Indigo family. They will undoubtedly draw your attention! Ready for a dose of autumn trends? Let's begin!

The Indigo stand at the Beauty Forum in Warsaw attracted many visitors and met with great interest. All this thanks to the wonderful Venice Collection, which won hearts of fans of phenomenal stylizations long before the trade shows.  Emerald Venecjusz, mustard Lola Gondola, or extremely dark Lukrecja - these are just a few colours that are already available. The premiere of the new collection was also associated with a unique offer! Beauty Forum participants could buy the entire collection of 16 shades of Venice Collection and receive 5 Protein Bases. It was just one of many offers that Indigo has prepared specially for the fair! Regret if you weren't there! 

White base

At the Indigo trade fair stand, you could also see and buy the new Whitemin Base for the very first time. The white base is a perfect product for gel polish nails, which should especially get interest of lovers of pastels and neons. Thanks to its formula, this base makes colours more intense and do not lose anything of their original shade. If you love neons and pastels, we guarantee that your nails will love Whitemin Base! Also, the white base from Indigo enables you to build up the ideal C curve and gently extend the natural nail plate just behind the pad. Thanks to Whitemin Base you can also make infills and repair broken nails.

Beauty salon revolutions 

Among the Indigo autumn new arrivals, Indigo stand did not lack other accessories that make nail stylist's work much more pleasant! To regular sales went, among others pedicure nippers and a tips clipper. These two products complement the collection of tools, which is extremely popular among Indigo fans. Autumn review of equipment in the beauty salon? Complete the deficiencies at Indigo!

Two products that have gone viral at the fair have also been added to our offer. We are talking about a phenomenal, holographic pencil case for brushes and a cosmetic bag in a beautiful shiny shade. We were charmed by their unconventional look and amazing functionality! We are sure that every trinket lover will love them as much as we do! At the fair, our stand's customers have fallen in love with these accessories! Quantities intended for the fair immediately disappeared from the shelves ... but there is no wonder. Check yourself how phenomenal the brush case and the cosmetics bag from Indigo look.

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