A basket of Easter inspirations from Indigo

Spring colours and cheerful Easter decorations - see Indigo festive nail designs and get inspired by our new products!

If you're still wondering how to dazzle during family meetings, we have a handful of inspirations for you. Classic Easter trends combined with the hottest shades of the season will surely win your hearts.

The positive energy of the spring sun...

What colours will reign in festive nail art? You'll not be surprised that yellow will once again dominate Easter trends. Its juicy shades from the latest collections by Indigo will definitely surprise you!

Sunny colours are not lacking in the spring-summer Santorini palette, inspired by the colours of the beautiful Greek island. Bamboleo, Optymista or perhaps Giorgio Banani? The trendiest shades of yellow - alone and accompanied by hot oranges - delight with positive energy and fit perfectly into the joyful atmosphere of Easter.

Festival of Easter decorations Not only culinary madness is allowed during holidays. The festive nail designs are also dominated by richness and freedom. Do you want to really dazzle at the Easter table? For Easter decorations, use glittering elements such as gold transfer foil or nail polishes from the Glitter collection. Let your imagination run wild and create three-dimensional patterns with Indigo Art Gum. The Easter Bunny will certainly be happy to jump on your nails.

Phenomenal pastel Easter eggs Spring floral compositions, glittering gildings and decorations inspired by motifs from traditional Easter eggs look best on a pastel background this season. The delicate shades from the new Lipstick Summer collection perfectly emphasize their sweet and funny nature.

What else can you find in our Easter Bunny basket? Plenty of warm Easter wishes for all Indigo customers and co-workers! We wish you lots of joyful moments, fruitful rest and reserves of spring energy. Have a healthy and peaceful Easter!