7 applications of Sugar Effect gel

White gels often bother nail stylists. It's because this insidious colour often causes many problems.

Most common are:

  • poor colour pigmentation 
  • turning yellow
  • long curing time 
  • wrinkling
  • a consistency that is either too thick or too runny

Indigo created a UV gel that solves all the problems above and has become number 1 in everyday work of stylists from Poland. Decorating hybrid or gel nails will be now easier than you think.

Meet the great seven!

  1. With this gel you can cover the whole nail- two layers will have perfect coverage
  2. Great for French manicure- painted and constructive
  3. You can use it for clear ombre and baby boomer
  4. Perfect consistency will be great for making Sugar decorations, so-called ''candied nails''- we offer 150 shades of acrylic powders to choose from (it's important that the powder isn't black and doesn't contain holograms as the effect won't last long). Strong tacky layer of this gel makes the acrylic hold very strong until the client's next visit
  5.  For various types of ornaments- flat, slightly raised, for ''sweater'' or ''shell'' effect. Perfect for decorating nails for weddings.
  6. In order to obtain other colours, mix Sugar Effect with any Gel Polish or Gel Brush colour . Hybrids and gels will go into another dimension!
  7. Great alternative for ''Mermaid Effect® '' or ''Holo''. Intensive white emphasises the beauty of the powder.

Good news is that Sugar Effect cures in 2 minutes under a UV lamp and in 30 seconds under a LED lamp. If you still haven't found a white gel that meets all your needs- no worries. With Sugar Effect you will get exceptional and clear shapes. You will also polish up the tiniest details of your styles.