100% of those surveyed confirm: Protein Base strengthens the natural nail plate.

4 out of 5 women admit that Protein Base is better than other bases of this type that they have used so far. What is the secret of Protein Base? Find out the results of our independent tests of Protein Base and discover its unusual effects.

The problem of brittle nails keeps you awake at night? Can't handle the split plate? Protein Base is something for you. According to the report from the independent research laboratory J.S. Hamilton Poland S.A., 100% of those surveyed confirm that the Protein Base strengthens the natural nail plate, and 90% admit that thanks to Protein, nails grow stronger and do not split.

How is this possible? The gel polish base with proteins derived from jojoba creates a durable coating on the nails, protecting the natural nail plate from the harmful effects of external factors. Protein Bases resistance to mechanical damage is confirmed by 4 out of 5 women surveyed.

Long and strong nails you've always dreamed of

Thanks to its unique properties, the base stays on the nail plate for up to 4 weeks. This is the time when nails, under the protective coat of Proteins, can grow and become stronger. No wonder that 100% of respondents confirm the possibility of growing a natural nail with Protein Base. If you, like thousands of women, dream of long, strong nails - the Protein Base can make your dreams come true.

Perfect build up and subtle nail extension

Do you want to extend the natural plate just a little bit? Protein Base has a unique consistency, ideal for extensions and sculpting nails. Helps to obtain the perfect C curve - even for a concave plate. The only thing you need to remember is layering work with Protein. By getting maximum styling durability, first, separate a thin roll of the product on the nail plate and only after curing apply another, thicker layer.

Haven't tried the best-selling Protein Base yet? Order your bottle today and see for yourself how scientifically proven it is. Be careful; protein addicts! After the first use, you won't want to use anything else!