Arome 99 - argan oil

100 ml
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Argan Oil Arome99 is a multifunctional product that will make your daily care rituals even more enjoyable, and you will delight not only with beautiful, radiant skin but also with a captivating scent.


  • Main active ingredients:

- Argan oil

- almond oil

- olejek migdałowy

Product attributes
Application tips
Fragrance notes notes of orange, nectarine, mango, raspberry, sandalwood
  • Universal use - perfect for body and hair care,
  • When applied to the body after a bath (both on dry and wet skin), it provides complex skincare,
  • Applied to the hair (especially dry ends), conditions, leaving it soft and beautifully scented,
  • People with delicate and oily hair can use the argan oil before using the shampoo - its conditioning ingredients will reach deep into the hair without weighing it down,
  • A refreshing, long-lasting fragrance,
  • A beneficial formula based on a combination of argan and almond oil.
  1. Spray the argan oil on the skin, spread it with your hand over the entire body and wait a moment for the product to absorb.
  2. Spray a small amount of the argan oil on your hand, rub it in your hands and gently apply it to the ends of your hair.