Acrylic paint 11 - Pure Red

10 ml
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Pure Red Indigo Acrylic Paint is a strongly pigmented product that will help you prepare nail decorations you have dreamed about! One, thin layer all but guarantees perfect coverage. It is ideal for precise lines and zigzags, shading and chiaroscuro as well as One Stroke, Zhostovo or Folk Art Flowers. You can mix and match colors freely, creating one of a kind shades!

Application tips
  • Strong pigmentation,
  • Convenient application,
  • Covering with the first layer,
  • For painting precise elements,
  • For shading and chiaroscuro,
  • For One Stroke, Zhostovo, Master Art decorations,
  • Does not require lamp curing.
  1. Regardless of the styling technique (gel polish, gel, acrylic, Gelastic), the surface must be top-coated, matted with a 220/280 buffer and dehydrated with the Wipe Off Cleaner.
  2. Pour a little water on the plate, put the parchment paper and squeeze out a portion of the paint. As a result, the product will dry out more slowly, giving you more time to work. If the consistency is too thick, you can dilute the paint with a little water. Then dip the brush in the paint and paint.
  3. Acrylic paints dry spontaneously and do not require curing in a lamp.
  4. After finishing work, clean the brush as soon as possible in lukewarm soapy water. If the paint remains on the bristles, gently dip in the monomer and rub it with a clean cotton ball.
  5. Acrylic paints are not intended to cover the entire surface of the nail in one colour, as microcracks and chipping may occur. Paints are only intended for decorative elements.