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    Low-temperature Self Leveling Gel with Proteins by Indigo Nails

    Are you ready for revolutionary gel nail enhancement? If so, it’s time for you to discover our line of Self Leveling gels!

    Self Leveling Gel with Proteins – self leveling gel for nail enhancement

    If you have used Indigo protein base, you probably know about jojoba proteins contained in it and their beneficial effect on nails. Jojoba proteins were also used in our new product! So when you choose a self leveling gel from the series of our Self Leveling Gels with Proteins, you can expect an electrifying, long-lasting effect.

    Gel without filing – is it even possible?

    The self leveling formula used in Indigo Self Leveling gels means that the need for filing is kept to a minimum! Other distinctive characteristics of our revolutionary product are:


    • dense and plastic consistency, thanks to which you can quickly refill the design without flooding the cuticles (Indigo Self Leveling gels have a high surface tension);
    • long durability (up to 6 weeks!);
    • high coverage level making the application of a layer of coloured gel polish unnecessary;
    • low polymerization temperature minimizes the burning sensation when the product is cured in the lamp;
    • no air bubbles with correct application.


    Indigo protein self leveling gels from the series of our Self Leveling Gels with Proteins


    Our current offer includes four types of gels - two of them have nude shades (Natural and Porcelain), one is white, and one is clear.


    Natural and Porcelain self leveling gels can be purchased in two versions with different viscosity - 110 or 70 (the higher the viscosity, the slower the leveling). White Self Leveling Gel With Proteins has a viscosity of 90, and the clear one - 120, so it levels the slowest of all products.


    • Self Leveling Gel with Proteins 110 – self leveling gel for nails (combines the features of three gels: primer, builder and finishing gel) being the perfect choice when enhancing nails to any length;
    • Self Leveling Gel with Proteins 70 – Indigo self leveling gel allows for shorter, salon nail enhancement (approx. 7-8 mm) and quick refills.
    • Self Leveling Gel with Proteins 90 White – self leveling gel that allows enhancements to any length. It has a white, opaque shade, so it can be covered with a top or used for princess nails designs. The white shade will also work well as a base for neon and pastel colours, because it will emphasize their shade better.
    • Self Leveling Gel with Proteins 120 Clear – clear gel with a very slow leveling rate. It allows for nail enhancements to any length.

    Self Leveling Gel with Proteins is not only addressed at experienced stylists, but it is also an excellent product for beginners. So if you are starting your adventure with gel designs, don’t hesitate any longer!