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    Drama Queen - Parfum

    129 PLN 100 ml

    Seventh Heaven - Parfum

    129 PLN 100 ml

    Bad Icon - Parfum

    129 PLN 100 ml

    Indigo perfume - long-lasting, intense and enticing

    Women's perfume has accompanied women for centuries. The sophisticated language of scents emphasises personality, expresses emotions or acts as an accessory to correspond with the time of day and occasion. It is worth noting that the best women's perfumes are those in which a woman feels good. For everyday office styling, most ladies opt for slightly lighter scents - such as fruity or floral-chypre fragrances.

    Intense, distinctive, sweet women's fragrances are perfect for grand outings and dates. Carefully matched compositions in terms of aromas are as important as the outfit, jewellery or accessories. Perfumes for women vary in their notes, but one thing is certain - every enthusiast of beautiful scents is sure to find a favourite fragrance that will become their signature.

    What do Indigo's women's perfumes smell like?

    We created Indigo women's perfume for women who appreciate delicate, floral accords and more expressive and distinctive notes.

    • Seventh Heaven is a chypre and floral women's perfume, with prevailing notes of mandarin combined with rose and white flowers. It is a fragrance for women who love light, romantic combinations with a touch of luscious freshness.
    • Bad Icon, on the other hand, is a women's perfume with dominant sweet accords combined with cedarwood, oriental tonka bean and spices. Such a composition will be loved by fans of distinctive scents, which no one will pass by indifferently. The sensual women's fragrance will fit perfectly into the atmosphere of unforgettable evenings and nights...

    Long-lasting women's perfumes

    One can find refreshing waters, colognes, eau de toilette, scented waters or classic perfumes among the many women's fragrances in perfume and chemist's shops. What are the differences between them? Essential oils encapsulated in flacons are diluted in a solvent. Refreshing waters (EdS) and colognes (EdC) have the lowest concentration of oils. As a result, their aroma only lingers on the skin for a short while and so are undoubtedly not very long-lasting compositions. Eau de Toilette (EdT) and Perfumed Eau de Parfum (EdP) have higher concentrations of oils but are still no match for women's perfumes. 

    Indigo's women's fragrances are authentic perfumes (Parfum). What is the conclusion? The concentration of essential oils varies from 15 to as much as 43%. Therefore, your favourite Seventh Heaven or Bad Icon scent will be perceptible throughout the day (or night!). Just a touch of Indigo's long-lasting women's perfume is all it takes to smell captivating in any situation.