Acrylgel Method

Acrylgel Method


Gelastic PrimoUltimo ®

32 PLN 5 ml

Gelastic - tube key

15 PLN

Gelastic Control Liquid

18 PLN 150 ml

Gelastic - two-sided tool

59 PLN

Gelastic - tube squeezer


Gelastic Milky

120 PLN 60 g

Gelastic Glass Pink

120 PLN 60 g

Gelastic Cover

120 PLN 60 g

Gelastic Clear

120 PLN 60 g

Transparent Nail Forms – 500 pcs

65 PLN

Transparent Nail Forms – 200 pcs

35 PLN

The Gelastic acrylic gel is a new system of nail styling and elongation from Indigo. It combines the advantages of well-known methods of work and offers even more benefits. The perfect formula and plasticity make working with the Gelastic system a pleasure both for very experienced and beginning nail artists.

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