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Carla Carrilho

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Hello. My name is Carla Carrilho and I’m from Portugal.

Ever since I was a little girl i had a passion for art, I liked to do my make up and
get dressed up. By 15 i already did my make up and loved it, so i decided to study arts
in school. After I finished school, it was time to choose a career. I remembre thinking
‘’What am i doing to do that brings art and fun together?’’. So I chose to be a
cosmetician. After that I took a curse about gel nails and manicure and found my
biggest passion.

I am so passionate about the shapes, the geometry behind every
shape and all the beautiful things we can do in such a small canvas.
So i started to perfect my craft as I knew Manicure was my art. I started to do a
lot of classes, some national some internacional, for me to be the very best I could. I
also started competing so I could push myself out of my confort zone and do more
criative things.

I believe it’s the best thing of the world to feel so fulfilling do be able to do the
thing you love the most every day. Also it’s very rewarding to see the my costumers’
happy face when they leave my salon with a piece of my art.
Nails and Manicure have become my world. The search for perfection is a never
ending one and now that I have found Indigo and fallen in love with the brand, i am
determined to be an Indigo Educator and help the brand grow and grow with them.

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