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Lipstick limited edition

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a sensual collection inspired by universal shades of the most fashionable make-up.

From now on you can enjoy the shades of your beloved eye shadow, rouge and lipstick also on your nails. If you love smoky violet or dirty pink in the winter version, you'll fall in love with the Lipstick collection.

These ultra feminine colours are the essence and a real “must have” in your make-up bag! The most fashionable and the most beautiful? Always - with Indigo! Discover the entire collection!

La Histeria Lipstick Collection

la histeria

– lips in a dark matte colour are a hit of recent months. Choose the La Histeria violet nail polish with a brown accent to match the penetrating colour of a dark lipstick.

Please stay calm and don't panic. It's just another stunning colour from Indigo. The darkest shade from the Lipstick collection and a guarantee of a monumental effect.

stylizacja La Histeria Lipstick Collection
stylizacja Adelaida Lipstick Collection


violet has many names – this one's Adelaida. And what does it look like? Delightfully. And it'll prove to you that a collection maintained in a consistent colour tone absolutely does not have to be predictable!

Adelaide is a mature, juicy and subdued violet. For those who fell in love with the trend of adding a little dark and mystical accent to their look.

Adelaida Lipstick Collection
Romantica Lipstick Collection


– saturated, feminine and sensual violet. A bit of madness in the subdued Lipstick collection that will enliven your design and warm up your image.

The most saturated and still far from gaudy – this is the unique Romantica nail polish.

stylizacja Romantica Lipstick Collection
stylizacja Triumph Lipstick Collection


– a guarantee of winning the grand prix in every poll for the most beautiful nails of this season. It will delight those who appreciate the power of violet, but constantly love various shades of pink!

Triumph is a drop of spring refreshment. Yes, now, because who will forbid you?

Triumph Lipstick Collection
Aria Lipstick Collection


– ideal for a hard-working woman, just like you! The fruit of a romance between subtle violet and a dirty shade of pink. It'll allow you to achieve a delicate girlish effect and will surely catch the eye of nude make-up fans.

A breath of fresh air in even the most subdued and conservative collection. The brightest shade in the Lipstick collection.

stylizacja Aria Lipstick Collection
stylizacja Triumph Lipstick Collection


– a clever combination of the casual nature of universal almond violet with the most fashionable trends! What does it mean?

One manicure will impress with a professional look at work and... it will also delight during an evening out. Athena – the smartest choice if you want to delight regardless of the occasion!

Triumph Lipstick Collection
stylizacja Lipstick Collection
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