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Blue jeans limited collection

Embark on a sentimental journey to the 1990's – the times of discovering the feminine side of your personality, taking the first steps on high heels, sighing at idols from posters and... the ubiquitous love for jeans! Discover a collection of 4 shades of jeans – the cult “must have” that has changed the face of fashion and pop culture forever!

Blue Jeans is the perfect match for any hairstyle and for any occasion – like timeless jeans!

The Blue Jeans collection was created out of love for the jeans and the 1990's! A time travel with Indigo? Easier than blowing a bubble gum bubble!

Collection available to the Elite Indigo Expert Club members only!
Also available at Indigo stores.

Billie Jeans


Billie Jeans. Is your lover! Deep grey that makes you shiver and evokes memories of dating that your dad had no idea of!

Awaken memories of the first enchantments and kisses! Smile every time you look at your hands with Billie Jeans from the Blue Jeans collection by Indigo.

billie jeans

Born in 80’s


Born in 80's. “Sulky and stupid youth, come back!!!” – one would like to say. Well, you cannot turn back time, but you can bring back the carefree images of the first, not entirely innocent, parties with friends – thanks to Born in 80's!

Awaken memories of the first enchantments and kisses! Smile every time you look at your hands with Born in 80's from the Blue Jeans collection by Indigo.

born 80’s

Blue Buddha


Blue Buddha. A deep navy blue reserved for classic and slender drainpipe jeans, which in combination with a jacket create a universal, casual and yet quite elegant look! But this time also on your nails!

The final result is determined by accessories – it's up to you whether you choose sneakers or sexy stilettos to match the dark jeans. It depends on the occasion whether Blue Buddha will look elegant or casual!


Miss Denim


Miss Denim. The brightest shade in the Blue Jeans collection. Cool grey blue refers to autumn weather and the blue colour of your most comfortable jeans. Feminine and universal!

The perfect colour combination, no matter what the occasion! Because jeans always wears well!

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