Salted Carmel - UV Mousse Gel

4 ml
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Looking for the perfect product for Nail Art? This easy to apply UV Mousse Gel Indigo is just what you need! You'll be amazed by the consistency of a thick mousse, which guarantees that the product will not run down, so you'll have time to perfect the ornament. Amazing pigmentation ensures good coverage and efficiency of the product. The beautiful glossy finish eliminates the need for any top coat. UV Mousse Gel is irreplaceable when it comes to structural and raised ornaments, shading, micro painting and precise decorations.  Salted Caramel is a light shade of nude, which mixes well with other colours providing you with an unlimited amount of different shades to express your artistic side.

Expiry date: 24.01.2024


Curring Time

Type of Lamp

Curring Time

MULTILED Lampa  60s
UV Lampa  2min
  • the consistency of thick mousse - easy application, no risk of spilling
  • amazing pigmentation - great coverage with just one coat
  • no dispersive layer - you don't have to wipe it,
  • beautiful shine - no need for top coat.