Subsidiary products

Subsidiary products


Cleaner Supershine Effect

44 PLN 500 ml
Easy File Oil Indigo

Easy File Oil Indigo

15 PLN 8 ml

Cuticle Remover

16 PLN 10 ml

Seventh Heaven Nail Polish Remover

25 PLN 500 ml

Nail Glue

10 PLN 7,5 ml


49 PLN 500 ml


29 PLN 250 ml

Indigo Foil Glue

15 PLN 5 ml

Finish Top Coat

20 PLN 15 ml

Cleaner Wipe Off

39 PLN 500 ml

Cleaner Shea Supershine Effect

44 PLN 500 ml
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Indigo offers a broad assortment of subsidiary products which are necessary for proper nail enhancing

The quality is the key because these products prepare nail plate for nail styling and add a finishing touch to the creation.

The cleaner is one of the highest quality product which enhances the adherence properties of products to the nail plate. The cleaner should be applied on matted and dusted nails, before the application of the primer.

Primer is a strong agent that makes the acrylic and gel products adhere better to the nail. It protects the manicure from lifting and creation of air pockets. In our offer, you can find an Acid Free Primer and a product for difficult nail plate - Acid Primer.

Wipe the last layer of the product with Cleaner Supershine Effect which contains coconut oil - it wipes, adds a shine and moisturise cuticles.

Don't forget about nail ornaments! Nail Glue for tips, rhinestones, studs is a must have in any nail stylist tool box. If you want to use transfer foil on your nail you're going to need a foil glue.

Try our scented, acetone free nail polish remover with castor oil. Thanks to an intense scent the unpleasant smell of nail polish remover is reduced to a minimum.

Indigo Remover is a liquid product for taking off the gel polish manicure. It completely dissolves Indigo Gel Polish - no need to

Indigo subsidiary products will make work easier and provide comfort for your clients!

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