Wow! Effect


Wow! Effect Pimp My Nails

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Wow! Effect Pitu Pitu

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Wow! Effect More Glitter, Please!

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Wow! Effect Bajer

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Wow! Effect Cosmic

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Wow! Effect Eye Catcher

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Wow! Effect - create decorations full of shine

Quick, striking, and, above all, easy nail art never goes out of style. Every lover of unique designs is looking for a way to diversify their works. If nothing comes to your mind and you want to create something extraordinary in just a few moments, reach for the Wow! Effect. Check yourself what you will love our nail decorations for and spice up the classic manicure in just seconds.

Choose from six vivid trhead-shaped particles. Create looks guaranteeing a wow effect! The characteristic irregular patterns will work perfectly on the night outs and whenever you simply want to shine! So what colours have dominated this nail art collection? We focused on classics in a party, spectacular edition, so you can choose from:

● Timeless, golden Bajer.
● His subtler, gentler sister, the light gold More Glitter, Please!
● Silver Cosmic.
● Sensual red Eye Catcher.
● Classic black Pimp My Nails.
● Elegant navy blue Pitu Pitu.

Quick nail art - how to create them with Wow! Effects?

What stands behind the definition of quick nail art? A simple ornament application that doesn't take much of your time! At Indigo, we know that each of us sometimes has a few moments literally to create a charming look, so we accepted the challenge. Simply apply Threads Wow! Effect on the sticky layer of gel polish or embed them in an uncured gel to obtain irregular ornament.

Do you like decorations that make creating the glass effect simple? Cover the nails with a top coat without a sticky layer (for example, Tip Top), cure in the lamp and gently rub our threads! Remove excess particles using a soft brush, and it's ready! Six colours and two different, simple nail art are at your fingertips!