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    Indigo Transfer Foil is a quick and innovative way for ornamenting natural, gel and acrylic nails.

    A broad choice of colours and patterns gives an opportunity for creating unique nails for each client. Transfer foil should be used with Paint Gel Black to create jewellery ornaments but also with the use of foil glue where we want to transfer a pattern from the foil on the whole nail.

    A very unique nail design in just few minutes!

    Treat yourself to a unique manicure with a glass effect!

    If you're looking for a unique manicure with an amazing effect than Mirror Effect foil is the best option! Each foil has a different shade with a colour shift effect. 

    This foil will turn your manicure into an amazing, glowing surface which will look perfect during carnival. By cutting different shapes you can achieve different effects.

    Mirror Effect can be applied to the entire or part of a nail - both will look amazing!