Bling Yes! Bling

12 PLN 1,5 g

Bling Express Bling

12 PLN 1,5 g

Bling Her Majesty

12 PLN 1,5 g

Bling Luxesita

12 PLN 1,5 g

Bling Bling Master

12 PLN 1,5 g

Bet on the trendiest nail art of Bling Effect

Simple nail art is the perfect way to freshen up your everyday look. Cast a spell on the classic manicure and stand out from the crowd with the Blings in five girly colours! Check out how they look solo or opt for eye-catching ones. Indigo nail decorations will make fall in love both minimalists and fans of much bolder combinations.

We know that every woman is unique, so our offer includes products that can be used in various ways. You appreciate a quick manicure but do not want to give up its spectacular effect? Apply the Bling in a non-regular way and create a quick and captivating nail art! You have some spare time and are tempted by fabulous, girly and princess looks? Reach for Indigo nail art decorations when sculpting construction French or create jewellery-like designs using gel polishes or hard gels.

Create nail art designs with Bling glitters

Not really a fan of nail art because they seem a bit more challenging? Try our Blings and see how easy, quick and fun they are! Apply them to the sticky layer (gel polish or top coat) or embed them in the non-cured gel - the choice is yours!

Once you have applied the Bling nail art decorations onto the sticky layer, secure it with a top coat (Wet Look will be perfect), cure it in the lamp, and your glamorous nail design is ready. Of course, if you choose to embed the glitter in gel, a little more work is required, but the end result is worth the slight sacrifice! So? Which design will it be?

Let your mani Bling!