The Wedding manicure - check out the hottest trends!
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The Wedding manicure - check out the hottest trends!

by Indigo Nails
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There is a moment in a woman’s life when choosing the right manicure is crucial. We are obviously talking about their wedding day! Bridal manicures should be toned down so not to overshadow the dress, makeup, engagement ring, jewellery and accessories - it should be an integral part of the entire outfit.  Does it mean that wedding nails should be boring and the bride should "play it safe"? Absolutely not! The current trends are very diverse and provide unlimited possibilities and lots of freedom!

French manicure autorstwa Klaudii Demkiewicz

A french manicure is an absolutely timeless (not only wedding) classic. It will work under any circumstances regardless of dress style, hairstyle, jewellery or other accessories. Nails covered with a light pink camouflage gel (like Cover No 3) with a perfect snow white tip look natural and graceful on hands. No wonder that brides choose this style so often! The great idea for a French manicure is camouflage gel Indigo Cover Bling Bling. It contains tiny, shimmering particles that will create a glamorous and stylish wedding nail design.

Babyboomer is a fashionable and stylish alternative for a french manicure when it's created with a light pink colour that gradually fades to white. If you're not sold on a simple, solid white tip of a french manicure than the gradient effect of Babyboomer might be more up your alley!

Wedding manicures usually consists of light, delicate, nude shades, white and pastel and powdery pinks. If you'll stick to classic you won't make a mistake and surely be a very stylish bride. However, any wedding manicure can be spiced up with a tiny detail.  A tiny bit of effect dust, graphics, geometric, lacy or flowery pattern, some rhinestones, or transfer foil will transform your manicure into a spectacular, hypnotic nail design! Appreciate the power that lies in effect dust. Pixel Effect Snow White will transform any nail design into a manicure worthy of a Princess. Once you see it, you won't be able to resist it. Remember that a manicure will look it's best if you apply the dust on two, or (maximum) three nails. The nail design will be unique but not too flashy. Do you dream about subtle and yet brilliant wedding nails? Use the brand new Indigo effects to create it in a matter of seconds! Glammer and GlassMe are fine powders that look to create a smooth and shiny surface!

Obviously, you can have more colours on your wedding nail if you want! A great idea for a colour manicure is ombre with two shades! A combination of white with a more vibrant shade of pink, blue, purple or yellow will create a unique and cheerful look. Colours can be matched to a flower bouquet, hair ornaments or decorative elements on the dress. If you decide to include painted patterns like flowers you can incorporate stronger shades like - red, burgundy, gold or even black. On the other hand, 3D ornaments look amazing when created in one, light colour.

Modern wedding nail designs give a lot of room for interpretation, highlight the importance of detail and provide a great deal of diversity. Fans of both a subtle manicure and more bold nail designs will find their dream, wedding nails. The most important matter is that the nails match the wedding outfit, complement the bride and add a confidence on the most important and beautiful day in the their life.

Rainbow ombre - step by step [VLOG]

Rainbow ombre - step by step [VLOG]

Smoke Effect - step by step [VLOG]

Smoke Effect - step by step [VLOG]