The most fashionabe bracelets of this summer!

The most fashionabe bracelets of this summer!

by Indigo Nails
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We women love sparkles and trinkets. Beautiful jewellery can add a character to the simplest outfit and enhance our individual style. Indigo understands that, so we've created a unique collection of bracelets that will perfectly match our manicure. These bracelets will be a beautiful ornament for your hand, add a touch of elegance and make your friends gasp in delight. They are very versatile so you can wear them to accompany elegant gown or finish off your everyday outfit. Come, and take a look at the world of Indigo bracelets and find your dream set.

The Brazilian parade of colours

We dedicate this collection to every woman  who desires unique patterns and amazing colour combinations. Our brand new bracelets are made out of natural Brazilian Agate. This beautiful gem is mined in sunny Brazil. It stands out from other agates with its vibrant tones. That's why it is called a Stone of a Thousand Colours.

This unique stone symbolises wealth and long and prosperous life. It shields from evil and brings its wearer a positive energy. It is a stone of tranquility – it harmonises energy, has a calming effect and helps with self-confidence. It has a positive influence on your sight, skin and helps with strong headaches.

In our collection you'll find a Brazilian Agate bracelets in four special versions:

Viva la Brasilia – energetic combination of shades of orange and vibrant pink – the essence of summer! 
Copacabana – juicy, grassy green with a bit of pink and purple – a great complement for Viva la Brasilia 
Azul – all shades of blue sky combined in one bracelet – versatile set for every season.

Pastels by Natalia – a mix of adorable shades of pink, blue, green and purple. Perfect match for our hybrid polishes from Natalia Siwiec collection.

Natalia Siwiec Collection

Apart from our big collection of natural stone bracelets, we also have something for crystal lovers out there! Our beautiful ambassador Natalia Siwiec, created a collection of five unique bracelets made out of crystal glass beads. This exclusive material  gives bracelets their elegant and stylish look. The collection comes in a variety of subtle, universal colours  that match one another perfectly.

Rose Pearl – adorable pastel pink with lilac undertones. It has a light iridescence which gives an impression of sparkling. Match it to a nail polish from Natalia Siwiec collection – Discoteca Kiss or O la la
Nude Beige – a universal fair beige, that will do the trick on every occasion. This bracelet is an ideal complement to a hybrid nail polish in a shade First Lady – the most popular Indigo nude! 
White – elegant white bracelet that will match every colour. Looks beautify with French White hybrid nail polish.

Dark Plum – an intriguing, slightly dusted shade of plum purple. 
Light Sapphire – original, elegant mix of grey and sapphire.

Colours of 2016

The famous Pantone Institute picked out two most fashionable colours of 2016 – Serenity and Rose Quartz. Beautiful, pastel colours that are a perfect match for one another. The combination of two symbolises balance between warm, embracing pink hues and cool, calming shades of blue. Both of these unique colours can be found in our hybrid Gel Polishes collection and in our bracelets – try this set! 
Serenity – dusted blue with purple hues. 
Rose Quartz – delicate, light shade of pink.

Take a look at other bracelets from the diverse offer at Indigo. You can choose from bracelets made from crystal glass or natural stones like jade, agate, hematite, opal and many others. Their colours have a match in our collection of hybrid Gel Polishes – pick your favourite set.  
All Indigo bracelets are made with a high durability silicone elastic band. This makes them resistant to tearing and should serve a long time. These are also a great idea for a gift.

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