Take part in Under Art workshops!

Take part in Under Art workshops!

by Indigo Nails
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Do you want to improve ypur skills in nail ormanenting? Add a unique new nail art to your salon offer?

We have a perfect option for you!

Under Art Workshops!

These unique ornaments are created with the clever use of colours. The style is derived from Underground art. Inspired by the colourful art of street graffiti. The main theme of ornaments is abstract patterns, icons in bold colours and high contrast. There is a lot of freedom in creating and stimulates working on a personal, unique style.

These ornaments are head turners!

At the workshops, we will teach you how to paint colourful and precise patterns on the nails. We guarantee a friendly atmosphere, professional products and experienced Indigo Instructors.

Remember that training sessions and workshops are the best investment in yourself.  Give yourself a gift and spend a wonderful day with us, full of inspiration!

The program of workshops:

  • the right proportions
  • colour composition
  • basic drawing
  • pattern composition
  • thin line method

Take with you:

  • thin brush Master Nail Art: 004, 005, 006
  • brushes for gel, brushes
  • automatic pencil
  • (some supplies can be bought at the workshops)

Each student will receive snacks, dinner, beverages and a certificate.

Price: 350 PLN/ per person

Sign up:

31st of march

Opole - Anna Hryniów

Contact: 508-306-324

2nd of April

Błonie - Kinga Kryńska

Contact: 666-046-633

Łódź - Showroom - Klaudia Demkiewicz

Contact: 535-454-948

Katowice - Joanna Bandurska

Contact: 534-556-996

Poznań - Katarzyna Kaczmarek

Contact: 880-455-45

Białystok - Anna Leśniewska

Contact: 500-587-453

Wałbrzych - Monika Cis, Marcelina Rawka

Contact: 530-166-299

3rd of April

Warszawa - Milena Malinowska

Contact: 798-708-027

Zduńska Wola - Barbara Bebej

Contact: 728-700-003

8th of April

Świdnica - Ewelina Fedorowicz, Monika Szurmiej-Tutaj

Contact: 783-664-574

Wrocław - Magdalena Żuk

Contact: 600-230-530, 71 725-62-76

9th of  April

Kielce - Marcelina Rawka

Contact: 534-208-608

Częstochowa - Katarzyna Stachura, Katarzyna Leśniak

Contact: 668-130-156

14th of April

Gryfów Śląski - Monika Szurmiej-Tutaj

Contact: 888 177 944

22nd of April

Rzeszów - Anna Kaczmarska

Contact: 514-328-778

Opole - Anna Hryniów

Contact: 508-306-324

Koszalin - Magdalena Traks

Contact: 696-467-720

24th of April

Skierniewice - Barbara Bebej

Contact: 728-700-003

26th of April

Gorzów Wielkopolski - Katarzyna Zbroińska

Contact: 570-673-801

28th of April

Gliwice - Anna Faber

Contact: 603-338-669

29th of April

Katowice - Joanna Bandurska

Contact: 534-556-996

Piaseczno - Lena Kurach

Contact: 512-464-798

Syców - Jagoda Nowak, Marta Rybicka

Contact: 577-107-101

Bielsko-Biała - Renata Mastalska

Contact: 794-699-571

30th of April

Zakopane - Paulina Porębska

Contact: 517-691-643

Holandia, Schiedam - Barbara Bebej

Contact: 728-700-003

Lubliniec - Katarzyna Leśniak

Contact: 668-130-156

13th of May

Pabianice - Angelika Wróbel

Contact: 505-088-119

14th of May

Łódź - Beauty Fabric - Kluadia Demkiewicz

Contact: 533-355-660

Spring Beauty Forum Expo and Polish Championships in Nail Design

Spring Beauty Forum Expo and Polish Championships in Nail Design

We invite you to the Beauty Vision in Poznan!

We invite you to the Beauty Vision in Poznan!