Meet Beauty – Indigo attends the biggest blogger conference in Poland

Meet Beauty – Indigo attends the biggest blogger conference in Poland

by Indigo Nails
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The second edition of the Meet Beauty conference was held at the National Stadium in Warsaw on 23rd of April. The invitations were sent to the 300 best beauty bloggers in Poland. It was the first convention we attended so we started preparations in February.  As always for any convention, everything was done and dusted ;). 
Meet Beauty is more than just a convention. It's a chance to exchange experiences, opinions and getting to know different cosmetic brands. Bloggers could acquaint themselves with every company in a special show area. They had a chance to sign up for workshops and courses. Indigo organized three panels each lasting 90 minutes, which were led by our wonderful instructors – Katarzyna Zbroińska and Marcelina Dudek
Our main goal was to introduce the public to the wonders of regenerating Manicure Shea Butter and talk about the challenges of a hybrid manicure. Our workshops were attended by 160 people! 
At our stand attendees could meet Maina Malinowska, who was showing off her amazing skills by putting ornaments on our guest's nails, and our company crew. The centre of attention on our stand was an amazing wall of roses which played a key role in our best selfie contest. 
We received a staggering number of photos! We would like to thank everyone who participated! You can see all entries on Instagram under #indigobeautyselfie
Our jury decided to reward six participants: 

Ekaterina Kozlova

Zakręcony Świat Marty

Revelkove Love


Kate's Beautyland

Blondwłosa Chemiczka

Congratulations! The prize was a 2-day workshop in “W 100% idealnepaznokcie” with our multi-champion Paulina Walaszczyk.  

It was a very intense day, full of emotions and positive energy. We want to thank everyone who was there with us! Look at our photos from the event!

Band new neon Arte Brillante

Band new neon Arte Brillante

Beauty Vision 2016 – spring new arrivals from Indigo

Beauty Vision 2016 – spring new arrivals from Indigo