Indigo Press Conference

Indigo Press Conference

by Indigo Nails
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On the 22 of September in Warsaw (Casablanca on Biały Kamień street) a special press conference was held with the participation of Natalia Siwiec and other befriended Indigo stars.

The topic of the meeting was a presentation of a new autumn collection of gel polishes by Natalia Siwiec.

These are the new colours of gel polish by Indigo in the most fashionable shades of the coming season. Natalia created a beautiful palette of colours which includes sexy reds, burgundy, deep purples and electric navy blues. These shades are very feminine and will go great with autumn outfits. The last collection from Natalia turned out to be a massive success and her pastels were the best-selling colours of the season.

The meeting was conducted by known presenter Agnieszka Jastrzębska, who is a fan of Indigos. Among the participants were: Paulina Sykut-Jeżyna, Agnieszka Sadowska, Ida Nowakowska, Maja Hyży, Zosia Ślotała, Katarzyna Burzyńska, Dorota Czaja and Waleria Żurawlewa.

Natalia Siwiec looked amazing as always. She chose a very feminine dress in boho style with brown accessories. Her nails were painted with a gel polish using Bed of Roses.

Our guests liked the collection and ladies picked their favourite autumn colours. During the interviews, we heard that the burgundy Red Diamond was liked by Paulina Synkut, and Ida Nowakowska, with Zosia Ślotała picking the classic red of Red-a-porter.

Guests also took notice of the wonderful collection of Indigo SPA, which was appreciated for its amazing scents and composition based on natural oils.

The owners of Indigo were present at the presentation - Magda Igańska and Dariusz Malaczyński talked during interviews about the process of creating this collection.

New autumn colours by Natalia Siwiec are available for purchase at the standard price of 29 PLN(5ml) and 55 PLN(10ml), They were the bestselling gel polish of Beauty Days and Beauty Forum fairs in Warsaw. Moreover, colour Paris Blue was awarded the Ist place in Crystal Beauty ranking at Beauty Days!

Picture source: https://www.akpa.pl

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