How to properly apply Gel Polish? Tips and tricks! [VLOG]
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How to properly apply Gel Polish? Tips and tricks! [VLOG]

by Indigo Nails
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The perfect application of gel polish is the basis of any professional gel polish manicure. Some time ago leaving a 1mm space between cuticles was the norm. This method was supposed to prevent spilling any product on the cuticles. Indigo Nails have come up with a technique which allows you to apply the product very close to cuticles. It creates an amazing effect of a perfect surface and delays the time where overgrowth becomes visible.

Indigo Nails Gel Polishes have a thicker consistency than other popular brands. The product doesn't spill and it's easy to control in the cuticle area. A handy, broad brush helps you to get a precise and even application.

See the video featuring Agata Kaczmarek - Indigo instructor who will show you how to perform the perfect application of a gel polish using a Gel Brush.

See the tutorial:

Tips for a perfect application of gel polish:

  1. cuticles must be pushed away and removed with nippers or cuticle file bits
  2. the first layer should be very thin - the most important task is to precisely cover the entire nail plate with a layer of colour which will be the base for our manicure
  3. we spread the brush flat and press it gently to the surface of the nail and apply the product as close to the lash line as possible
  4. it's important not to touch the cuticles with a base or a colour gel polish - if this happens the place needs to be cleaned with an orange stick
  5. a second layer of the product should be slightly thicker to provide the desired coverage
  6. if you have a problem with a perfect application near the cuticles use a Master Art brush, for example 003, which will help to cover any hard to reach places with gel polish. Remember to cover an entire nail with a top coat to achieve a perfect glossy finish, apply Cleaner Super Shinee and shine it with a clean cotton swab
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