How to choose the perfect Indigo base coat?

How to choose the perfect Indigo base coat?

by Indigo Nails
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A series of brand new Indigo products has caused some commotion.Confusion has spread not only among our competition but also our clients. It's hard for our stylists to keep up with the ever-expanding list of new products, considering how busy they are. To help we have put together for our clients. This post will clear things up and give the basic outline of the broad spectrum of our base coats and some new products. Are you ready? We leave this compilation of Indigo base coats at your disposal!

Indigo offers:

  • Protein Base – the most famous of our base coats
  • Indigo Ultra Strong Base
  • Indigo Liquid Base
  • The classic gel polish Removable Base

And the BRAND NEW – colour base coats

  • Mineral Base – available in 4 different shades
  • Cover Base Very Cool

We will begin this presentation with the new Indigo base coats!

Cover Base Very Cool

Cover Base Very Cool is an amazing product which adds colour to the nails and cuts down the work the stylist needs to do! Amazing base coat with a high level of pigmentation provides 95% coverage in a cool shade of pink. Apart from the beautiful colour, it has also a thicker consistency, which will help you in creating the C-Curve and elongate the nail up to 3mm.

Cover Base Very Cool will be perfect as:

  • classic base coat and as a way to make the colour manicure pop up.
  • a great basis for a painted french manicure
  • as a supplement to a gel manicure,
  • as a standalone product for creating an express manicure – using the base alone is enough to create a beautiful manicure in a cool pink.

The product is applied with two coats: first a thin coat then the builder coat, that prevents shrinkage of material in the lamp.

The name Very Cool describes not only the cool shade of the base coat but also the character of the product, it's simply cool! Very Cool!

Check it for yourself.

Characteristic: Semi-thick base with a colour, 95% coverage in a cool shade of pink.

For whom? Dedicated to nail stylists who want to speed up the process of creating a manicure that creates a deep colour and elongates the nail by about 3 mm and build up the C-curve.

It's worth to know: it needs to be covered with a top coat

Effect: Colour manicure without the need to apply polish (perfect solution for a painted manicure!)

Mineral Base

The mineral base is a lot more than a classic base coat. It will not only make the gel polish manicure durable, it can also amazingly be used as a standalone product. All with a subtle colour, 75% coverage and amazing shine. Yes- this mineral base can be used as a 3in1 product: a base coat, colour and a top coat that provides a delicate, shiny finish. You'll be able to create a manicure in just 45 minutes!

It's worth knowing! The product has a quite thin consistency but it will not spill over the cuticles. Working with Mineral Base is pure pleasure.

Mineral Base is available in 4 unique shades:

  • Blush – a shade of warm pink, which creates a cute and girly manicure.
  • Natural – a delicate shade of cool pink
  • Porcelain – the coolest shade available in Mineral Baseline. Subtle, cool pink is great for a delicate, elegant but not overly sweet look.
  • Sensual Skin – is the darkest shade in the Mineral Baseline. It's dedicated to clients with a darker complexion. The colour is in the nude spectrum with just a touch of red pigment which helps it pop!

Characteristic: A thin consistency (thinner than a protein or cover base), a combination of base coat and colour: 4 different shades, 75% opacity, can be used as a standalone  3in1 product – base coat, colour and top coat with a glossy finish.

For whom: For busy people who like a subtle manicure. This base coat allows you to create a manicure in 45 minutes and gives a beautiful, subtle and slightly sheer shade of nude.

Effect: Express, colour manicure.

It's worth to know: This base coat doesn't need a top coat!

Protein base coat Protein Base

The most popular, award-winning and beloved Indigo base coat and the answer to every problem you can run into while trying to achieve beautiful, strong nails. Indigo Protein Base has been created for client's that have soft, weak and brittle nails. Get strong, beautiful nails at arms reach. Protein Base works great as a sort of bandage for a nail plate and protection from damage and also as a protective base in a classic gel polish manicure. It allows the stylist to correct small imperfections of the nail plate, to fix splits and breakages and form the perfect C-Curve. The thick consistency of the base coat makes the application child's play.

Thousands of satisfied clients and a long list of prestigous awards (titles like Qltowego kosmetyku 2018 roku, Kobieca Marka Roku, Quality International 2018 and many others)

For whom: Clients who have weak, brittle nails or for those who want to strengthen and protect the nail plate from damage.

Effect: A completely transparent, quite thick consistency which evens out nails, strengthens them, protects, elongates and build the C-Curve.

It's worth to know: The most popular base coat among our clients. An award-winning, versatile product.

Liquid Base Removable

Base coat dedicated for „problematic” nail plates. It will be perfect for women whose nail plates have been harmed by a hormonal imbalance or for those suffering from hyperhidrosis.
It creates a strong dispersive layer which needs to be removed gently with a dry brush for gel or with a cotton swab before colour application. This revolutionary base coat will keep a perfect manicure on „problematic” nails even up to 5 weeks!

For whom: Clients with a problematic nail plate, who experience problems with the longevity of their manicure. This base coat is perfect for nail plates damaged by hyperhidrosis or hormonal imbalance.

Effect: Even surface and a perfect base for a manicure that will last up to 5 weeks.

It's worth to know: It has a very thin consistency.

Ultra Strong Base

With its Ultra Strong Base you can forget about air pockets, chipping and problems with the longevity of the manicure. This gel polish base coat works great with a natural and even more demanding nail plate and creates a protective layer. Like a magnet, it sticks to the colour layer and guarantees that the manicure will remain in pristine condition. This base coat is insoluble – all you need to do is buff the surface, fill in the growth line, and the nail plate will remain protected. No more soft, brittle or damaged nails – Ultra Strong Base is like an armour! Attention! When using Ultra Strong Base you need to remember to remove the excess dispersive layer.

For whom: Clients that want to strengthen the nail plate and the base coat that doesn't need to be removed when the colour of the manicure is being changed.

Effect: Durable manicure and very strong nails.

It's important to know:  The base coat is insoluble, it doesn't react to the Remover – all you need to do is remove the colour layer and do a fill in.

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