Foot Lover - How to get silky and sexy feet with three simple steps

Foot Lover - How to get silky and sexy feet with three simple steps

by Indigo Nails
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Summer is a prime time for foot care. This is the season for flaunting them and we all want to make sure, they are silky and beautiful. Achieving this is easier than you think. All you need to do is follow these 3 simple steps and treat your feet with a proper care and pampering!

The restorative power of a peeling

Using a peeling on a regular basis has a truly restorative effect. It will not only relax your feet but also stimulate blood circulation, which in turn will make them look rested and pampered but most importantly will leave them spectacularly smooth.

How to keep any problem considering the look of your feet at an arm's length? At least once a week commit 15 minutes of your time. Begin with a hot bath. Soaking will help the peeling do its job.
Apply the Shea Sugar Body Scrub on a soaked and relaxed feet and massage them with a circular motion. Your sink will not only become instantly smooth but also nourished with precious oils included in the product. The amazing consistency will make an application of the product into a pure pleasure. The excess can be rinsed with a lukewarm water. And the results? You'll be able to see them immediately!!

However, this is only the first of the three steps. Let's get busy!

The magic of moisturising

The secret of any good product is obviously the list of ingredients. Only the undisputable effectiveness of verified ingredients can take care of an important part of the body that is subjected to a lot of stress and the harmful effect of the elements as feet are. The new formula of a Foor Lover cream by Indigo guarantees the results you've been dreaming of.

A concentrated mix of active ingredients with a documented effectiveness such as urea, beeswax, Allantoin, flax and Melilot extract works like a healthful cocktail for your feet! The skin will be deeply moisturised, nourished and supple. Moreover, it will smell amazing because Foot Lover cream has been combined with a Seventh Heaven scent - a favourite among Indigo clients.

Your feet will be grateful and in return look amazing and beautiful. You'll never stop flaunting them, even when the summer is over!

Perfect feet are basis of a perfect pedicure

Perfectly smooth and beautiful feet need only one last touch up a stunning pedicure.

Don't forget to prepare the nails for application of the gel polish, remove the cuticles, create the right shape for the nails and buff them. Remember that though toenails are more durable and resistant than fingernails, they still need some help. That's why they'll appreciate the application of a nail conditioner and a strengthening base coat. Now it's time for the final!

What is the best pedicure? The one that you like. You're only limited by your own imagination. Choose the colours and ornaments to make everyone feel entranced and jealous

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