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Sensational Nude
Diamonds For Breakfast
Delicate Grey
Sin City
Charming Taupe
My Fav Bag
Stunning Graphite
My King Arthur
Intense Violet
Spectacular Navy
Elegant Burgund
My Name Is Sara
Delicate Grey
Sin City
Sensual Red
Devil Wears Red
8 shades of femininity
Hybrid nail polish collection
by sara boruc mannei
Discover the classic shades of hybrid nail polish collection created in cooperation with Sara Boruc Mannei! Explore our range of colours – a quintessence of elegance and timeless taste. You will find different types of femininity within our 8 exceptional shades. Which one suits you best? Find out now!

Collection of classic hybrid nail polish would be incomplete without timeless, sensual red or sensational yet delicate shades of nude. However, those with a fondness of less obvious classics will also find something for themselves. We got them covered with intense violet, extraordinary taupe, spectacular navy or stunning graphite. Each and every of our 8 colours Is a great choice and a classy way to go!
“Hybrid nail polish collection created for Indigo
consists of colours that I have been using for years.
Every woman will definitely find something for herself”