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Workshops are taught by one or two Indigo Instructors in a group of 10 to 15 people. The topic is known in advance. It covers either Nail Art or nail enhancement techniques. It is a great meeting whare we learn, spend some quality time together and see the skills of Indigo instructors from all over the country.

Workshops last 7-8 hours, we provide beverages, snacks and one meal. At the end, each student receives a diploma for attendance.


  • 350 PLN * + tax - Nail Art (* prices from July 1 2019 will change to 400 PLN + tax)
  • 400 PLN + tax - technique

Valentine's day designs

Valentine's day is around the corner...for this special occasion you can sign up in one of many Indigo training centres for romantic workshops in nail art. Pick a date and learn techniques of colour matching, painting hearts, roses and structural ornaments. Grab a brush and sign up today!

Carnival nails

Wondering what type of manicure is fashionable for this year's carnival? Surprise your clients and sign up for workshops in Bling Bling category! Jewellery, 3D ornaments, transfer foils, splash effect, quilted, shine & matt - you can learn those and many more designs at mixed workshops.

Combined manicure - a perfectly natural (technique)

Modern women care for professional treatment which includes: a precise execution, aesthetics and durability. Combined manicure visually elongates natural nail plate and the effect where nail looks like colour grows straight our of cuticle area is unreal. And yet... manicure looks so natural that is became the latest fashion trend. Professional workshops are available across the country. Sign up!

Jungle Nails Workshop

We will be using all colours of the rainbow. Especially these that remind us of the wild jungle. At the workshops, you'll learn to create beetles, zebras and various designs using matte nail polish. Also painting colourful lizards, snakeskin and animal patterns using transfer foil,  Metal Manix Chameleon dust and Sugar Effect. Sign up today - check available dates.