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Victória Fábián Kovácsné

For a long time I have been admiring nail art from a seat of a client. I remember the first time I made an appointment and got my nails extended - it was a love at first sight. I decided to try creating nail art myself and this is how I discovered my passion. I was a very creative child. I loved art and working with people. A Nail Stylist profession combines all of those things. I always try to put emphasis on a versatility of this profession.

Combining different techniques, experimenting and creating innovative ornaments  - this is what my training centre is famous for. I am very proud of my Instructor title. I try to proudly represent Indigo in Hungary. I train people on different levels, from a proper way of building the nail to different techniques of ornamenting. I try to teach my students the art of precision and accuracy. I have trained a lot of people it is hard to estimate how many.

the acrylic method is my forte. I love novelty shapes and different types of ornamenting both acrylic and gel. I hope I will be abe to become better with each day and further develop my skills. I know can accomplish a lot. I want to encourage my students to broaden their knowledge in every technique. My goal it to find the best stylist in Hungary and create a great team


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