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Technical Training – Basic Oval & Almond & Square – Acrylic Method

LEVEL: start

DURATION: 5 days 5 hours each or 3 days 8 hours each

CERTIFICATE: International Indigo Certificate

PRICE: group: 2200 PLN* | individual – 4400 PLN*

Did your adventure with the acrylic method has just begun and you'd like to know the 3 most popular shapes? The technical training which lasts 5 days covers the basics of building acrylic nails in oval, square shapes are the most comprehensible Indigo training in the acrylic method where you'll get all the necessary information for starting your work as a nail stylist. You'll learn how to take care of work space and keep yourself and your clients safe. Indigo Instructor will tell you about natural nail plate, explain the specialist terminology and the features of all the products needed for creating acrylic manicure. This training will also give you information on skin and nail conditions and diseases to avoid potential danger.

After the theory lecture comes time for a practice. You'll learn the proper way to fit a form to any nail shape and thanks to a technique of working on paper cards created by Indigo Instructors you'll learn about the properties of acrylic, the proportions of liquid to powder and practise the application. When you'll get a hang of the basics we will teach you how to create nails (clear and French) in 3 shapes, different techniques of filing, working with electric file and performing the procedure of filling the overgrown manicure.


  • The rules of hygiene in the work of nail technician

  • Nails diseases and conditions

  • Disinfecting and sterilising process

  • presentation of nail products for nail enhancing and subsidiary products used in acrylic manicure

  • anatomy of natural nails, different types of nail plates

  • proper terminology and structure of enhanced nails in the shape of an almond, square and oval

  • the right way of cutting and placing the form to the natural nail

  • creating transparent nails, colour application

  • creating structured French using camouflage

  • filling in of overgrown manicure procedure

  • the proper way to file nails

  • using e-file in preparation and forming the nail

During training, you'll receive professional educational materials which will help you master the gathered knowledge.

The training ends with a theory and practise exam which determines if a person will receive the certificate.

* Prices shown here are gross prices

* the group training is held with a group of maximum 6 people.