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Pre-release of the 2020 Online Summer Collection

I. General Terms and Conditions

  1. Welcome to participate in the "Online Pre-premiere of the 2020 Summer Collection" event (hereinafter: Online Promotional Events), which will take place, from 7th June 2020 from 11.00 am. a form of the show - ONLINE, the online platform to be chosen by the Promoter.
  2. Online platforms are available at the Promoters.
  3. The list of Promoters is available at,przedpremiera-kolcji-letkowej.html
  4. Promotional events consist of:
    • Presentation of new products from the latest Indigo Nails collection.

II. Terms and Conditions of participation in Online Promotional Events

  1. Any natural person with full legal capacity may participate in the Promotional Event. Persons with limited legal capacity may participate in the Promotional Meeting with the consent of the legal representative body.
  2. To participate in the Promotional Event, one must submit an application to the Promoter competent for the place of organization of the Promotional Event and make a registration fee of PLN 50.00 inc. VAT.
  3. Applications should be made by phone or email. Contact details of the Promoters are available at,przedpremiera-kolcji-letkowej.html
  4. The registration fee shall be paid by bank transfer to the bank account indicated by the Promoter competent for the place of organization of the Promotional Event within 7 days before the event.
  5. If the Participant fails to participate in the promotional event, the Promoter has the right to keep the registration fee.
  6. Each participant will receive from the Promoter during each event:
    • certificate of participation in the Online Pre-release of the 2020 Summer Collection,
    • 50 PLN voucher to be redeemed at the Promoters
  7. The voucher is valid from 07.06.2020, 11.00 am. to 15.06.2020, 11.00 am. and does not include the purchase of a new collection combined with the offer.
  8. The voucher can be redeemed with purchases of 50 PLN (inc.VAT) and more.
  9. The voucher received at the show, can be redeemed by the customer in the Promoter's online stores, stationary and at sales representatives.
  10. A participant who pays the registration fee but does not appear at the Event shall not be entitled to the gifts referred to in point 6.

III. Complaints

  1. Any complaints regarding the Promotional Event shall be submitted by the Participants to the Promoter via e-mail. Contact details of the Promoters are available at with the note: "Online prerelease of the 2020 Summer Collection - complaint", within 14 days from the date of the Event.
  2. The complaint should include the following details: name, surname, and their full address, a detailed description and reason for the complaint.
  3. Complaints will be considered immediately, however no later than 14 days from the day they are received by the Promoter.

IV. Data Protection

  1. The administrator of personal data of a participant of a promotional Event is always the Promoter competent for the place of the Event in which the given participant participates.
  2. Personal data collected in connection with the offer will be processed in order to:
    • implementation of the Promotional Event on the basis of the contract concluded with the Event participant for the organization of the Promotional Event, ie art. 6 clause 1 lit. b) GDPR.
  3. Pursuing claims and defence against claims arising from the participants of the Promotional Events - based on the Administrator's legitimate legal interest in pursuing claims and defending against claims, i.e. art. 6 clause 1 lit. f) GDPR.
  4. Administrators will store participants' personal data for no longer than 3 months from the date of the Promotional Event, and in the case of claims - until they are decided.
  5. In connection with personal data processing by the Promoter, Participants
    have the following rights:
    • the right to access personal data and the right to request rectification, deletion, or restrictions on their processing
    • the right to transfer personal data provided to another data administrator
    • the right to object to data processing
  6. Participants also have the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.
  7. Providing personal data for the purposes of concluding and performing a contract for the organization of a promotional event is voluntary.; however, it is required for participation in the Promotional Event. Not providing personal data will affect its ability to participate in the Promotional Event.
  8. To learn more about personal data processing, the participant shall contact the Promoter of the Promotional Event in which he intends to participate /took part, via