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Perfume 50ml

Indigo scents are, very efficient a 50 ml bottle will make you enjoy your favourite scent for a long time. A bottle of perfume is a great idea for a gift.

Samples 2ml

Perfume Samples are a perfect addition to a women's bag. Small 2ml size and attractive price is a great way to find your favourite Indigo scent.

Indigo perfumes are the quintessence of luxury and femininity

Based on the highest quality scent compositions, created with care to the smallest detail with the best natural oils and ingredients. 29 beautiful scents created from the beginning by our team inspired by best selling scents in the perfume world.

Each scent contains three basic notes

Three perfume notes which change, evolve and live to ensure the harmonious and continuous process of scent development. Beginning from the head note which can be smelled first after opening the bottle, then the heart note which will develop in 10 minutes after spraying them on the skin and finishing on a depth note which will show itself when the perfume reach the base notes.

Indigo perfumes stand out among other scents because they are resistant to sun rays which make their scent long lasting.

The colour of INDIGO perfumes is completely natural and comes from a high concentration of oils and UV filters which stabilise and make the scent last longer. Luxurious compositions come in elegant bottles designed to look beautiful on your shelves

Volume: 50 ml.